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13 May 2022

Where to Raise a Glass in Manchester this World Cocktail Day

Today is World Cocktail Day, and you know what that means… celebrating over the weekend in the sun with a fancy, fruity drink in hand! At Manchester Apartments, we’ve had a nose around the city and picked out some of our favourite places to enjoy a drink or two – whether you’re a cocktail or a mocktail drinker, we’ve got some great options for you to check out.

Flight Club

Offering you food, drink, and social darts – yes, we know, we had to double-take at that one too – Flight Club is an incredibly popular location with huge demand and a gorgeous menu for you to choose from, not to mention their iconic bottomless brunch. This weekend, we’re eyeing up the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, and for those of us who aren’t interested in alcohol, a No-Jito sounds like the perfect choice, simply for the pun; if you follow our socials, you KNOW we love a good pun.

One Eight Six

If you’re looking for something more off-the-radar, One Eight Six is the place for you this weekend. Situated under a barbershop and only accessible through a two-way mirrored door, this is an exciting hidden gem of the city. With live music and DJs every night, you can enjoy some soul, Motown, and RnB with your drinks. Home to some unique and delicious-sounding cocktails, we’d recommend the Violet Crime – or the non-alcoholic alternative, Violet Garden.


Want to snap yourself a new Instagram post while you’re out this weekend? BLVD is perfect for it, with lavish décor inspired by New York and plenty of neon lights sporting some not-so-inspirational but still brilliant quotes. Offering a variety of drinks as well as Japanese, Mexican, and Chinese food, this might well be our personal favourite. Their drinks menu is impressive, but we’re picking a Candy Shop with a meringue gin (we did NOT know you could make that, but we are here for it) followed up by a Kiki from the non-alcoholic menu.

The Anthologist

If you’re looking for drinks with a view, The Anthologist is one to add to your list – since overlooking St Peter’s Square is a wonderful place to stop and enjoy a drink or two. With non-alcoholic options mirroring their cocktail menu, you can sample an Amalfi Spritz or a Negroni with a side of some mouth-watering nibbles. Hands off the arancini – that’s ours! Not only can you explore the range of drinks here, but The Anthologist also offers mixology classes, allowing you to make your own cocktails which makes for a great day out. We’ve got our booking in and we can’t wait to see what we can shakeup.

The Laundrette

We couldn’t miss this one off the list without feeling incredibly guilty, so here it is – The Laundrette in Chorlton. Offering gorgeous insta-aesthetic-vibes and décor, the food is amazing and the drinks even more so. Whoever came up with the cocktail names and designs deserves a pat on the back, and the ‘Bubble Bath’ actually comes in a bath for you and your friends to share! The non-alcoholic options are just as fun, with the Fizz Whizz Shake including popping candy. Have your phone at the ready, because these drinks come with a show that you don’t want to miss.

Have you explored the various cocktail bars that Manchester has to offer? If so, which is your favourite? Let us know for us to check out, and as ever, tag us on socials if you visit any of these incredible places!