New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Actually… | Manchester Apartments
07 January 2022

New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

We’re all guilty of it – setting unrealistic New Years’ resolutions that we end up breaking two weeks into January. From starting a new diet or gym routine to wanting to save money, there’s a lot of very common resolutions that end up being unsustainable because we have a habit of making them too extreme. At Manchester Apartments we’re all about sustainability, which is why we’ve looked at some more realistic and easier-to-achieve resolutions that we think we can all stick to and maintain throughout the year.


January is now well-known as Veganuary and has become a month where people look to eat healthier and get away from the over-indulgence that comes hand-in-hand with the festive period. A lot of people set eating healthier as their New Years’ resolution but don’t set themselves a timeframe, which ends up making it harder to stick to.

Veganuary is a great option as it allows you to try the lifestyle for a month, and then gives the freedom of reverting afterwards. Whilst some people choose to incorporate the vegan options they found during this time into their diet, some choose to stick with it and fully convert, and some find that it isn’t for them and continue with their previous preferences. Whichever category you fall into, trying Veganuary can be a fun way to experience new foods without putting too much pressure on yourself – after all, it’s only a month, right?

If you’re doing Veganuary, there are some great options to check out in Manchester, including Wholesome Junkies in the Arndale that specialise in vegan comfort food, V-Rev in the Northern Quarter that have transformed diner-style food into vegan dishes, or the Ice Shack in Withington that’s a fully vegan dessert parlour. The Ice Shack is also environmentally conscious too – another thing that we love!

Cook more, order less

Over the festive period, most people will have used the phrase “go on, it’s Christmas” to justify a treat or two, and while it’s important to let yourself indulge here and there, it’s common after the festive period to feel the need for a bit of a refresh in the diet - especially if you’re prone to ignoring the ingredients sat in the fridge and opting to order a meal instead.

This resolution also goes together with the saving money resolution that a lot of us are familiar with, too – if you cut down your monthly takeaway spend, you can use that money to put into savings or fund something else instead, like nights out with your friends. Whatever your favourite takeout option, there’s a way to make it at home, which will lower your spend and increase your culinary abilities.

This doesn’t mean that you should never order out again – setting that target will make it more likely that you break sooner. Look at how often you order food and aim to realistically reduce it. From once a week to twice a month isn’t an extreme jump but will save you some cash and let you learn a new recipe without being too hard to maintain.

Get out more

Doing more exercise is one of the most common New Years’ resolutions, which often results in a surge of gym visitors in the first month and then a quick decline – meaning you’re likely going to continue paying for a gym membership that you’re not actually using. If you’ve been guilty of this one before, there are other ways to get your steps in.

A lot of people don’t realise just how close Manchester is to the Peak District, providing stunning walks with some of the most beautiful views in the country. For hikers that aren’t afraid of a steep hill, the Lantern Pike is the perfect option, getting you moving and rewarding you with being able to see across the Manchester skyline. The Higher Shelf Stones are also worth a visit, offering some of the most dramatic, insta-worthy views in the North of England.

If hiking isn’t your thing, there are still some great options for you. The Wharf canal walk is ideal for those that want a shorter, easier walk while still getting some great views in. You’ll see some of Manchester’s canals as well as the highlights of Chinatown and Spinningfields, with the option of stopping for a drink and a bite to eat to break it up a bit.

What were your resolutions this year, and have you managed to stick to them so far? We’d love to hear about your plans – let us know on our socials and be sure to tag us in your selfies on Lantern Pike.