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21 July 2023

The 4 best student hotspots in Manchester

Whether you’re preparing to come to Manchester in September as a newbie student or you’ve been here a while but are looking for new spots to venture out to, we’ve got a list of 4 hot spots that will guarantee a night to remember.

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The best nights out

Student life – a time where it’s totally acceptable to go on a crazy night out on a Wednesday and roll up to your lecture at 9am on Thursday. We admire the dedication, and not that we’re encouraging it, but we do know of some super fun spots for your next outing.

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The Courtyard

If you haven’t already heard of The Courtyard then let us catch you up on it. Their claim to fame came from their huge beer garden, which they say is the biggest in Manchester, and we’re keen to believe them. This place is absolutely buzzing with life every summer, with sports games being played on the big screens and people enjoying the weather in the massive outdoor space. Don’t worry though because the inside is also something to talk about. With a huge bar, pool tables, and banging music, you’ll want to spend the whole night there.

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For the lovers of music, dance, and art, SOUP is a forward-thinking gig & club space, bringing together art and music almost every night. They switch it up between live music and club events, and it’s always a hit with the local students, not only because the tickets are capped at £10 – although that is a big bonus! – but because the atmosphere is always one to rave about. The wide range of artists performing at SOUP means you’re bound to find a vibe that fits you, so we urge you to give it a try.

Affordable munchies, with a side of great vibes

We’re strong believers in not drinking on an empty stomach, so when we find bars that also offer immaculate food, and for an unbeatable price, we’re straight on it. These two gems have been our favourite for a while, so we had to share them with you, and it just so happens they’re always filled with students, so you’ll fit right in.

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Bunny Jackson’s

If you’re looking for a quiet drink, then this place is absolutely not it. Think the opposite – high energy, thumping bassline, and a whole lot of American vibes. It really is as fun as it sounds, but we haven’t even told you the best bit… 20p chicken wings! That’s right, wings are just 20p, and not only that, but they also have an abundance of sauces to choose from, from mild to extra hot, and from BBQ to buffalo, you’ll soon be greeted by a bucket of mouth-watering chicken wings. No wonder this spot is always popping.

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Crazy Pedro’s

With 2 locations in Manchester city centre alone, you already know that Crazy Pedro’s is the place to be. Serving up delicious slices of pizza and more than affordable drinks, this one-of-a-kind pizza joint and bar is the place to be for students, and it’s open until 4am every single day so the party at Pedro’s never stops. If you’re more of an early bird however, happy hour is from Sunday – Friday, 5 – 9pm, offering 2-4-1 cocktails and £2 slices. Sign us up!

If we’ve inspired you to try one of these spots, then we want to hear how you found it! Find us on Insta and pop us a message or tag us in your posts, we love living vicariously through you.