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29 December 2023

Ways To Be More Sustainable in 2024

Want to do your bit for the environment and be more sustainable this year? With our three ways to help reduce your carbon footprint, it’ll be easy to take up some more sustainable ways of living in the new year. By changing some everyday habits, you can help in our mission to save the planet.

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Start to travel more efficiently

It’s time to walk, cycle, or take public transport across the city when you can, to do your bit and lower your carbon footprint. By doing this and using a method of exercise or public transport, you can cut your emissions by more than you would think. Not only is this good for the environment but walking or cycling can help your mental and physical health too – two in one.

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Refill your water bottle

Instead of nipping to the shop to hydrate yourself why not invest in a refillable water bottle to keep the demand for single-use plastic down? More places than you think will let you refill your water bottle for free if you have a refillable bottle and not only is this good for the environment, but it will also help you consume more water. You can have the best of both worlds with just a small investment – not only looking after yourself but also the planet.

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Make sure to switch those plugs off

In the new year, why not get into a good habit of making sure you unplug your plugs, TVs, phones, and hairdryers when you leave the house? Without you knowing it, the price of everything will soon add up for you and it will do wonders for the environment (as well as your electricity bill!)

So why not take some time to lower your carbon footprint next year and use our useful ways to help save the planet? Making little changes every day does more than you'd think to help out and also saves you money along the way.