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11 August 2023

The 6 best coffee spots to visit in Manchester

If you’re reading this article then we have an inkling you love coffee just as much as we do and are always on the hunt for a new café to try – honestly, same, and we can’t blame you. Luckily for you, we’ve been on a mission to find Manchester’s best coffee spots and put together a list of top contenders, so stay tuned.

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Independent café’s

We all know about Starbucks and Costa, and while they’re so easy to grab on the go, Manchester has so many independent cafes that offer drinks just as good, if not better. So, why not do yourself a favour and next time you fancy a little pick me up in the form of a caffeine hit, try one of our top 3 independent cafes in the heart of the city?

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If you’re a true coffee lover looking for strong, speciality coffee, then we’ve got you covered with this Manchester-born and bred spot on Hewitt Street. ManCoCo doesn’t fuss over flavoured syrups or sugary concoctions, instead, they specialise in hand roasting speciality coffees from around the world, dedicated to creating exclusive, small batch blends which you can enjoy in their artisan coffee bar, or buy a packet to take home from their roastery. Either way, you’re guaranteed your coffee fix after visiting this lesser-known but totally deserving gem.

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Image Source: @19cafebar

19 Café Bar

Although they’re known and loved for their breakfast and brunch – which is delicious by the way – we have to bring some well-deserved attention to the coffee portion of their menu. 19 Café Bar has nailed it with their coffee selection, from cortados to dirty chai’s, to super sweet frappes, no matter if you take a liking to bitter or sweet, everyone is guaranteed to find a coffee they love at this place. Plus, we won’t blame you for getting a side of their famous Eggs Benny with your coffee.

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Image Source: @sugarjunctionnq

Sugar Junction

We all know the Northern Quarter as the lively and thriving section of the city so when we came across Sugar Junction, we were pleasantly surprised to find a homely haven amongst the busy NQ streets. This quaint little café on Tib Street was born from a passion for baking, excellent coffee, and everything vintage, so everything from the homemade cakes and classic sandwiches to the China tea sets and calming music has that homely feel to it. Besides, the coffee is one of the best we’ve ever tasted. We can’t recommend this place enough when you’re in need of a little R&R.

Not quite mainstream

Don’t get us wrong, we love an independent café (coffee always tastes better when you have the satisfaction of supporting a small business, right?) but sometimes you’ve got to take your hat off to the ‘almost big’ guys too. We’re talking about the ones that started small but made it big, and for good reason. Here are our top 3, not-chain-but-not-independent cafes, that you need to try.

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What started as one tiny coffee shop in 2014 has now become the go-to spot for Mancunians and visitors looking to rejuvenate with some delicious coffee – and with 3 shops around the city centre, you can always be at peace knowing there’s a Federal nearby. Back to the coffee though, they’ve got it all covered, from classic americanos and flat whites to iced mochas and matchas, and a range of milks and syrups to choose from too. So, whether you like your coffee strong or sweet, you won’t be short on choice or flavour.

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Image Source: @fdncoffee

Foundation coffee house

Whether you’re looking for coffee, brunch, or working space, Foundation Coffee House has it all, and conveniently enough for us, one of their 3 locations is just down the road from our office on Whitworth Street, so believe us when we say this place has been tried, tested, and approved. Their coffee is easily one of the best we’ve had in the city, with the perfect coffee-to-milk ratio; the menu isn’t extensive, but it doesn’t have to be when the taste is so good that it just makes you want to keep going back for more of the same.

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Image Source: @200degs

200 degree coffee

Situated right next door to Manchester Art Gallery on Mosely Street, 200 degree coffee is a cafe filled with vintage character and genuinely brilliant coffee. In fact, they do the vintage thing so well that it’s hard to believe they only opened their first shop in 2012 when 2 bar owners set out to make the best cup of coffee imaginable. Did they succeed? given that they went on to open 17 more stores, we’d have to say yes. Seriously, this is one of them places where the smell of freshly roasted coffee hits you as soon as you walk in and every cup you have makes you appreciate how good the taste actually is. We couldn’t recommend it enough.

Whether you like going to cafes for the taste of the coffee or for the aesthetic surroundings, our top 6 spots have both in abundance, and we can’t wait to see which one you choose to try out first, so remember to keep us updated on our socials.