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17 November 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Manchester’s Christmas Markets

Manchester Markets are back with a bang this year, and they have so much to see and do that you’ll get lost in the magic of the markets. Spread across multiple locations in the city, why not take a stroll on an evening and see the city light up with different stalls and entertainment? It’s easily one of our favourite activities to do at this time of year.

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Winter Gardens

Every year Piccadilly Gardens becomes ‘Winter Gardens’ as the festivities take over the heart of the city centre and bring with them all sorts of fun stalls, delicious food, and all those wheels of unusual, flavoured cheese that your parents love. With plenty of gift options for your family and the opportunity to grab yourself one or two sweet treats along the way, this is one section of the markets where you’ll find yourself drinking the night away and enjoying a bratwurst with your mates who have decided to brave the Manchester weather.

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St. Ann's Square and Exchange Street

While most manc’s know the history of the markets, if you’re unfamiliar, then let us help fill you in. St. Ann’s Square is the original location for Manchester Christmas Markets, and the tradition has continued each year, as the square still hosts our iconic markets 25 years later. With a range of stalls – from weird and wonderful gifts to continental cheese – the atmosphere of the markets never fails to warm your soul on a cold December evening in the city.

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Market Street

In addition to the hustle and bustle of the Arndale, Market Street also has the added extras of some magical stalls that’ll fill you with Christmas cheer. Get all the shopping you need this Christmas with some exclusive craft and gift stalls that you can’t get anywhere else on the markets – from clothes to seasonal scents, you can pick up something for your sister and your Grandma in this part of the markets. And don’t forget, if you fancy something sweet, then Market Street is the place to pick up the best macaroons in the city, and they’re even served hot from the oven too – delicious.

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King Street

If you’re a foodie at heart, then King Street is definitely a not-to-be-missed section of the markets on your Christmas outing. With a wide range of food and drink to keep your tastebuds happy, the selections here are endless to keep yourself going on your shopping trip this festive season. As well as having a food lover’s paradise, there is also a wide selection of sentimental stalls to personally treat your loved ones with. From body care to Christmas decorations, you can get any of your family or friends a personalised gift this year to make their day extra special this Christmas.

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New Cathedral Street

For all your high-end gifts and luxurious tasty treats, New Cathedral Street needs to be is your go-to for the luxurious side of the markets this year. Enjoy the lush selection of handmade gifts on offer - which are perfect for your mates if we do say so ourselves - and on your way out, stop by the Witches House for the best traditional currywurst you’ll find in Manchester. What can we say? Christmas food is the way into our hearts.

Cathedral Street is also host to the famous Skate Manchester, which boasts a huge (and very instagrammable) ice rink right in the city centre. Whether you want to play Bambi on ice, or even show off your figure skating skills, then this is your perfect opportunity to do so.

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Exchange Square

Exchange Square is one of the largest of the city centre's Christmas market areas this year. From mulled wine to Yorkshire Pudding wraps Exchange Square covers everything you could ever want for a perfect Christmas Market Experience with a little something for everyone to enjoy.

So, why not head down to Manchester Christmas Markets to see what they have to offer this year? With everything you could want for a fab evening of entertainment with your mates, the markets are a rite of passage for anyone living in or visiting Manchester, and to top it all off, the markets are open every day from 11am – 9pm and are running until Christmas Eve – so there’s plenty of time to enjoy them.

Let us see your festive pics and tell us all about your favourite stalls this year on our socials.