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19 January 2024

3 Wholesome Day Trips Around Manchester

So fancy a little break from the city air and want to head out and about for the weekend and explore? Well, with our 3 perfect locations to visit just outside Manchester city centre, maybe it’s time to change up your weekend routine and start to explore what Greater Manchester has to offer.

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About half an hour outside of Manchester is Altrincham, a little market town with a lot of personality. One of our favourites to visit in Altrincham is the Markets, which historically date back to the town’s 13th-century character. It offers so many opportunities to shop for different things all grown or produced by the vendors themselves, but you can also find furniture created by local craftspeople along with stunning flowers and other unique stalls. Altrincham also has a variety of parks to explore and coffee shops to dabble in whilst you take yourself out of the city for the weekend and explore the sights of this pretty little market town – one on our list when we fancy a little wholesome weekend outside of the city.

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Wilmslow – one of the most beautiful little towns just outside of Manchester city centre and a stone’s throw away from the busy Manchester city life. Filled with amazing cafes, restaurants, charity shops, and the most beautiful-looking cinema – it’s one of the best places to visit when you fancy a little day out of town. One of our favourite places to nip for a lovely brunch to start the day is Unico Lounge – serving up some of the tastiest treats in the area, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what you fancy on the day. Wilmslow also has an amazing section of charity shops, so sticking with your New Year traditions of being more sustainable, why not pop down and see what bargains you can get to take home with you? We all need a new coat now and then, right? Finally, Rex cinema is a must to finish off your day. This 1920s-themed cinema hosts films for everyone to enjoy and the company describe themselves as ‘a family of film enthusiasts who have rejuvenated four cinemas in small towns with the hope to restore them to the heart of the community’ and this is an attitude that we love to see.

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Dunham Massey

Dunham Massey, you ask? Well, this national park is an amazing place to visit when you want some fresh air and a wholesome day in the countryside. Dunham Massey is a garden for all seasons, including its iconic ancient deer park and the main stately house, filled with so much history and stories to explore. With cafes, a restaurant, and various trail walks on site, this is somewhere to come to for sure when you want a breath of fresh air and to feel some nature around you. The grounds are open all year round and often have different events running throughout the year, so if we were you, we would keep this one noted down for the future. One of our favourite places to grab a coffee, see the deer, and have a walk around some beautiful landscapes at this national trust site.

So if any of our wholesome day trips out take your fancy, we can’t recommend enough getting out this weekend and seeing what the amazing sights of Greater Manchester have to offer. If you ever pop down to any of the places on our list, make sure to tag us in your social media posts so we can see where the amazing sights of Manchester have taken you.