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26 October 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Manchester Apartments reports highest level of rental enquiries in its history

A Manchester residential agent has reported the highest level of rental enquiries in its history.

City centre-based Manchester Apartments said it received over 21,000 direct queries into its Oxford Road office during July, August and September – with over 10,000 in September alone.

The firm said the "huge number of enquiries" is a welcome statistic for Manchester, showing increasing demand for rental homes in the city centre.

As well as record numbers, the firm said enquiries are coming from a more varied location across the UK and world.

Enquiries from China are "particularly high" - as well as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, London, the South East and South West of the UK.

Jonathan Griffiths, director at Manchester Apartments, said: “We do see an increase in enquiries during the summer months before the academic years begins, but the enquiries this year are not just from students.

"We’re speaking to a large number of young professionals who wish to make, or continue to call, Manchester their home. We feel this is a great reflection for the demand for city centre living; but do believe the housing stock required for these enquiries is still limited.”

Manchester Apartments is the lettings arm of the residential developer Beech Holdings, that currently has over 1,000 apartments located in Manchester.

The developer has a further 1,000 apartments in construction or planning for the city and Newcastle.

Mr Griffiths added: “These statistics tell us that there is an upward demand for quality homes – and this is the important factor.

"We know there is a glut of empty properties around the main city zones, but that’s only down to the quality on offer.

"High-specification, sustainable and fully furnished properties is what we’re being asked for. In order to meet the demand, developers need to really consider the calibre of the products being delivered.”

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