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Upgrade your apartment living experience with our selection of luxury, time-saving service upgrades.

Weekly cleaning services

With our weekly cleaning service, you can come home to a spotless apartment with minimum effort.

Bed linen and towel changing

Want to experience the luxuries of a hotel in your own home? Our bed linen and towel changing upgrade will help make your life easier.

Ironing service

Time is precious, which is why we're offering an ironing service upgrade for those of you who want to keep your Sunday evenings for relaxing.

Monthly gym membership

At a highly competitive rate, we can arrange a monthly gym membership for you at the best gyms in Manchester city centre.

Internet home hub

Delivered directly to your door, our personal hub provides you with your own 10GB private wired network – much faster than wireless.

Netflix account

Not only will we save you the hassle of setting up a Netflix account, but it'll work out cheaper for you too.

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