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18 November 2022

7 of the best places to get hot chocolate in Manchester

Now that the cosy Christmas season is upon us, we can’t imagine a better time to celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day. Luckily, Manchester is filled with independent café’s on every corner serving up the sweetest hot chocolates and we’re here to put you onto the best ones.


The best places to get a traditional hot chocolate

If like us, you like your hot chocolate traditional with some whipped cream and marshmallows, or if you have a sweet-tooth and like to explore different flavours, these 4 cafés have the best of both worlds.

Source: Instagram/@cocoatreemcr

Cocoa Tree

Cocoa Tree started as a family run chocolatier hand making and selling truly artisan chocolates, so when the first Cocoa Tree café opened in Chorlton, hot chocolate was the first thing on the menu, and we can confirm that it’s beyond delicious. You can choose from milk, white, or dark chocolate and add cream and marshmallows if you wish. Don’t be surprised when your drink comes with complimentary Belgian chocolates on the side – that’s just one of the many reasons why this café is one of our all-time favourites!

Carmello of Didsbury
Source: Caramello of Didsbury

Caramello of Didsbury

If you find yourself in Didsbury village on National Hot Chocolate Day then you need to pay this cosy café a visit. Besides serving some of the best breakfast and brunch in Didsbury, Caramello are also masters of hot chocolates. Their most popular is their plain (but tasty) hot choc with whipped cream and marshmallows, but you can also indulge in a Nutella, Lotus, or Peanut Butter flavour if you fancy something a little different. Whatever flavour tickles your fancy, we can confirm that all of them are divine and will leave you wanting another.

Source: Instagram/@sugarjunctionnq

Sugar Junction

Sugar Junction is a vintage cafe in the Northern Quarter that lets you build your perfect hot chocolate and we’re here for it. You can opt for white or milk chocolate, choose from their wide variety of syrups, including unique flavours like maple spice and Crème Brulee, and if you’re still after a little more sweetness, you can top your hot chocolate up with a mountain of cream and marshmallows.

Source: Instagram/@moosecoffee

Moose Coffee

Don’t let the name fool you, although Moose Coffee specialises in serving great tasting coffee and unbeatable American style breakfast, their hot chocolates have an equally great taste. Unlike most places, when you order a hot chocolate at Moose Coffee you get handed a cup of steaming milk (you can choose between cow’s milk or plant based) and a chocolate stick which you stir in and watch your yummy hot chocolate come together. Best of all, their brand-new dark chocolate stick is vegan friendly so anyone can enjoy it.

The best places to get a boozy hot chocolate

Fancy your hot chocolate with a bit of a kick? We’ve found the best places to grab a boozy hot choc this winter whether it’s a daytime treat or the start of a fun-filled evening.

Source: Instagram/@viennacoffeemcr

The Vienna Coffee House

Located right in the centre of town, The Vienna Coffee House is a modern café serving tasty food and even better drinks – hot chocolate included! Their Amaretto hot chocolate is made just right with the perfect Amaretto to chocolate ratio, so you get that sweet, nutty Amaretto flavour without overpowering the chocolate. This boozy hot chocolate is complete with whipped cream, a chocolate flake, wafer, and chocolate sauce, so you can count on it being a sweet treat.

Visitmanchester co uk
Source: visitmanchester.co.uk

Black Milk

Traditional in its own way, a Baileys hot chocolate has become somewhat of a Christmas time classic and Black Milk have got the recipe nailed. If you’re after a creamy and sweet pick me up then you have to try this hot chocolate next time you’re passing through the Northern Quarter.

Chocolate cafe co uk
Source: chocolate-cafe.co.uk

The Chocolate Cafe, Ramsbottom

With chocolate in its name, you can rightfully expect to have the most luxurious hot chocolate at The Chocolate Café. Their menu offers an extensive range of hot chocolate flavours including the option to add a shot of Amaretto, Baileys, or Grand Marnier to any hot chocolate of your choice. The café is located a little further out, in Bury, but we guarantee it’s worth the trip.

If you decide to visit any of our recommendations, as usual let us know on socials and if you think we’ve missed any gems, drop us a message!