World Bee Day – How can you help our fuzzy… | Manchester Apartments
20 May 2022

World Bee Day – How can you help our fuzzy friends?

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World Bee Day is one that can often get glossed over, but it’s such an important one that we wanted to make sure it’s front and centre this year. Whether you just want to learn a little more about the history of Bee Day or find out what you can do to contribute to the cause – we’ve got you covered.

What is World Bee Day and where did it start?

Back in the 18th century, Anton Jansa pioneered modern beekeeping techniques in Slovenia, and became an important influencer in the ways of beekeeping and preserving homes for them. Since then, it’s become apparent how necessary bees are to the world’s eco-systems, and over time, how they need extra care to continue playing their part in the system.

World Bee Day was announced by the United Nations to help these little guys throughout the difficulties they face, as well as highlighting the huge jobs that sit on their tiny shoulders. Did you know that bees help to grow 90% of the world’s wildflower plants? Nope, neither did we. But, we didn’t need to watch The Bee Movie to know that if bees can no longer pollinate as they do, the ecosystem will start to suffer almost immediately. So, the big question – what can we do to help?

  • Support local beekeepers

Almost 85% of our honey is imported into the UK, but there are plenty of beekeepers that sell their produce in farm-shops or delicatessens that you can pick up instead. The Finest Honey is our personal favourite, with a base in Altringham, Ancoats, and Levenshulme, along with an online shop for those who prefer to order to home.

  • Contribute to tree planting

A tree can provide hundreds, often thousands, of blossoms for bees to feed from. They are both a food source and a habitat for bees, and with deforestation on the rise, contributing to tree-planting can make a really big difference. Manchester’s City of Trees is a perfect option, offering different ways of getting involved. Whether you want to attend events and volunteer with them, or fundraise to donate money, the choice is yours.

  • Help any tired bees you see with some sugar-water

Especially now the weather is getting warmer, we’re opening windows and letting fresh air in – which can often also invite in a bee or two. If you find a bee in your home that looks a little tired, mix up a small solution of sugar and water and leave on a teaspoon next to the bee. You’ll see it perk up after a drink and a rest, and it will be off on its merry way!

Bees are incredibly important, but in Manchester, for more reasons than most areas. The Manchester Worker Bee is a hugely well-known symbol, representing the Mancs’ hard work ethic and the city being known as a flourishing hive of activity. It also represents unity across the city, and if you haven’t noticed already, you’ll find yourself spotting bees in statues and tiles on your trips across the city.

What are you doing this year for World Bee Day? Let us know on our socials, especially if you do anything we’ve suggested – or if we’ve missed anything important off our list.