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22 December 2023

4 Ways to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health This January

What better way to kick start the new year than some self-care? With our 4 four simple ways to help improve your health in the coming weeks, why not take them on board and get moving to make sure you are being your best self in 2024?

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Get those extra steps in

By taking the stairs at work, in the shopping centre, or wherever possible, you can increase your step count and keep those legs active. We can all be prone to being lazy (more often than not!) so by taking the stairs you're helping yourself become much more active than you think. Let’s get our steps in 2024 everyone.

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Peddle your way to better health

Invest in those two wheels and get yourself peddling to your daily activities, and splurging on a bike is the perfect way to make your way across the city and to your destinations without having to think too much about getting your body moving. Biking is such an efficient way of getting about the city, but make sure you invest in a lock for it – you don’t want to lose your prized possession.

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Start to prep your food

Why not make your life a little easier this January and start to prep your food for the week ahead? Not only is this healthy for your body and your bank account too. By planning your meals, it allows you to change your eating habits and stay away from those cheeky meal deals at lunchtime. You can find so many quick and easy recipes online that will satisfy your tastebuds in January.

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Write down your thoughts

Not only do we need to keep our bodies healthy, but we need to keep our mental health on form too next year. 2024 is the year for self-care and we are so here for that. One way to keep on track of your thoughts and feelings is to write down your things in a journal. Journaling has been proven to reduce stress and boost your health and wellbeing – so why not take it up next year? It’ll do you good, we promise.

With ways to keep your mind and body healthy next year, why not take up some new habits and change your lifestyle ever so slightly to make you feel good in the new year? Let’s start the new year off with a bang – here’s to 2024.