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17 September 2021

Everything You Need-To-Know About the Autumn Equinox

It’s that time of year again – when the leaves start changing colour, the nights close in earlier, and the summer wardrobe gets packed away. During this time, the Autumnal Equinox occurs, where the length of day and night are exactly the same amount of time, due to the positions of the planets. This year, it will happen at precisely 7.21pm on Wednesday 22nd September, and as we head towards Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas, we’re all looking for an occasion to celebrate early – which is why we’ve put together a few ideas for you to embrace this celestial change of the seasons.

1. Be Grateful

Traditionally, autumn is the time for harvest, and across the world there are festivals held that give thanks for the food that is grown. We love the idea of using this time of year to show our gratitude, whatever that is for, and feel that it can really lift your mood. Why not give a gratitude list a go? You could add something you’re grateful for each day and do it right through until the end of autumn, which is winter solstice in December. It’d be a lovely reminder to keep for future years.

2. Create Balance

If you’re anything like us, you’ve done your fair share of online shopping throughout the numerous lockdowns and restrictions, so your home could probably do with a decent declutter. Why only save it for spring? Pre-Christmas is the perfect time to spruce up your space as well as rationalise what items you can discard or donate. You might even see gaps in your wardrobe, kitchen, or toiletries which will allow you to start your Christmas wish list early!

3. Outdoor Exercise & Meditation

When it’s dark in the mornings and again by 3pm, it’s difficult to find the motivation to exercise. However, the equinox is a great time to get outside before it’s too cold and enjoy the earth whilst treating your mind and body to a bit of ‘you’ time. There is a mindfulness event happening in Bollington that involves yoga, poetry, and meditation on the evening of the 22nd, which promises to be a great time for reflection on the year so far, as well as looking forward to finishing 2021 in a positive space. We highly recommend you book soon!

4. Autumnal Décor Additions

After point number 2, you should have really cleared the decks and now have plenty of space to treat yourself to a couple of woody scented candles and diffusers (just to really give your place those autumnal vibes!) Cosy up your space with the addition of warm tones in the form of rugs, cushions, and throws, which are perfect for those nights in with hot chocolates and Netflix. You might even be able to pick up some pumpkins which are not only super cute decorations but gorgeous to make a soup from once you’ve enjoyed them for a couple of weeks.

5. Woodland Walks

Autumn is a lovely time to be outside – when the air is crisp, and conkers are falling, so why not get a few steps under your belt and head out with friends to explore a new area or park on foot. We are blessed with so many great parks and woodlands in and around the city, that there’s no shortage of new places to explore whilst catching up with friends and family. We highly recommend grabbing a pumpkin spiced latte to not only keep your hands cosy but to also make you the peak autumn cliché! Why not? Treat yourself.

Will you be celebrating the equinox this autumn? If so, let us know which of our suggestions take your fancy. Feel free to share any other suggestions or equinox events in Manchester that deserve a shout out via our social media pages, and in the meantime, happy autumn all!